Digital Dialogues Digital Engagement Guide


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As part of its work commissioned by the Ministry of Justice, the Digital Dialogues project delivered by the Hansard Society, published a guide summarising learnings from the evaluations of digital engagement projects that had been undertaken by the project:

This guide outlines how government departments can develop sound strategies for effective digital engagement. The guide first clarifies how to establish and design online engagement exercises, and then draws on case studies from Digital Dialogues to identify some of the tools that can be used to broaden public participation or deepen relationships with stakeholders.

The guide contains recommendations for future practitioners and policy-makers. It is divided up into four sections.

– The first provides a background to the Cultures of Engagement, providing information about the government’s strategy to promote democratic participation.

– The Principles of Online Engagement are described in the second section, which outlines the five cardinal rules and describes the main opportunities for digital communication throughout the policy cycle.

– The guide then outlines the processes involved in Developing an Engagement Exercise, from scoping the project through to developing the platform. This can be read in conjunction with the other material referred to in the Cultures of Engagement section.

– The final section, on Developing and Managing Online Content, describes how to produce content ahead of going live, once the engagement is running, and after an exercise has finished.

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