Elections 2009: a post in two parts

Visit: http://www.sarahlay.com/2009/06/elections-2009-a-post-in-two-parts/

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This landmark post from Derbyshire County Council’s Sarah Lay has not dated. Setting out how she used the web and social media to let people know election results this approach sets out the starting points to consider for election night.

Today is polling day in the county council and European Parliamentary elections. It’s an important date in the calendar. Politically it could turn out to be a significant vote for this county. It’s will also be of significance to this team and the work we do whatever the political outcome.

In a lot of ways it feels as if this day has been a long time coming as planning and work on how we will cover the election on our website and in the greater online space began at the tail end of last year. In smaller ways I would still like a bit more time to tweak and improve and do even more than we have. But time and voting waits for no web team and so here we are: polling day 2009.

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